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Video Utility PosterI'm sure you've heard of Jack Humphrey and the Authority Site Center. It is, without a doubt, the oldest, most respected, results-producing business and marketing training center on the web for authority site building. Jack has a stellar reputation for building great utilities for bloggers—and he's done it again.

If you have had a blog for a little while you know how hard it is to keep readers coming back. For that matter you might be finding it hard to attract enough readers as it is.

What if you could very quickly tap into terabytes of video content to run on your blog on every imaginable topic? In 5-10 minutes you could have some of the most interesting and engaging content on your blog: video!

And you could do this over and over to capitalize on 1. search engine rankings for keywords in your niche, and 2. speed posting.

Now, I'm not talking about junky posts. Whether the content is good or not is up to you and what you pick from the never ending supply of video on the web.

What I AM talking about is keyword rich posts that use video as the main attraction and being able to compose those posts in minutes.

Ever been in a crunch for time and have to get a post up for the day on your blog? You don't want to just "phone it in" and lose subscribers. You still need to hit the mark and keep your readers happy while seeking out more rankings for more keywords in the engines.

But time is Blogging Enemy #1. None of us ever seem to have enough of it.

That's where this ingenius software from Content Desk and Jack Humphrey comes in.

It's called Video Utility Poster and it should be on the desktop of every single blogger on the web. In fact, it soon will be on thousands of bloggers' desktops which means it had better be on yours or your competition is going to be harder to beat!

I love this software and I know you will too, so here's that link again. Check it out!

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