Another Type Info Product: Audio Interviews

Ebooks have become so standard that when you say 'information product' you automatically think of an ebook, but there are other forms of information products such as video and audio. An information product is simply a product which provides information -- it can be in multiple formats. An easy way to provide that information is through an audio interview or teleseminar.

It works like this:

Say you want to create a product to help parrot owners train their birds. You can start by finding someone who will interview you, preferably someone who has experience conducting teleseminars or interviews.

During the interview you will be asked questions about training parrots, how to train them, what to feed them, breeding tips, etc. You simply answer these questions and provide other useful information to parrot owners during the interview.

Once you finish the interview, you can have it transcribed. You now have an audio interview with transcript which you can package and sell as a product! Not bad for a few hours worth of work right?

You can go a step further and throw in a few bonuses like a special “parrot training report” or “how to keep your parrot fit and healthy report”. The idea is to add a few other high value items to increase bulk and also the value of your product.

Another great way to use audio for your information product is to conduct a teleseminar. It’s similar to the interview except there will be other attendees present and usually a Question and Answer session (Q&A) at the end of the call.

During the call you answer questions, provide tips and information. You’re the expert and will be sharing all the valuable expert knowledge with your audience. Once the teleseminar is finished this can also be transcribed and packaged along with the audio as an information product.

Incorporating audio either in the form of an interview or teleseminar is an easy and effective way to produce information products.

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