Mixing Up Content

A blog cannot survive on plr and reprints alone, you want to add your own style, flair and voice to the site to make it different and gain readership. Content types you can use:

  • your own uniquely written content
  • PLR as is
  • PLR rewritten with your own words, images and links added
  • reprints from article directories that are relevant and on point
  • ebooks and blog postings can be a combination of the above as well

Sometimes you will find reprint articles that express an idea that you just couldn't get across on your own making them a perfect fit for your site or newsletter

Rewriting a PLR article gives it your voice to the details and information, and also gives you a chance to tweak the keywords. This is your best PLR option, make it your own!

Take the PLR that you have and combine it and edit it into an ebook for sale or for free to your readers

Mix up the order, especially if you're blogging these articles, if your readers see reprint after reprint for a long period of time they may stop looking

If you're building a site within a niche, stick to your topic even though some of the plr and reprint info may be tempting to use be careful of straying off the niche path, and it's very easy to do that when you get into reading and reviewing artciles

Be careful of over-repeating yourself, sometimes a reprint and a PLR article may have very similar outlines to them. Yes you want to repeat certain things to your reader/customer to keep their interest on that thing and assure them that it's what they are looking for but you don't want to bore them and send them away

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