Writing For Your Niche

- titles are very important, for articles and blog posts alike, headlines used correctly can gain you new clients and readers

- you want to be keywords rich, but you also want to be compelling and grab their attention, if you must choose opt for the more interesting attention grabber that targets your market

- write every piece with passion as if it's going to the most important person in the world

- make an introduction if your product or service is new to readers highlight the benefits and introduce it to them

- accept feedback and make it interactive, include certain pieces of feedback or reader questions in your writing

- use a story telling style so your readers can identify with you and your experiences

- don't make everything a sales letter, keep it fresh and creative and readers will keep coming back and naturally want to buy your product or service

Press Release Campaign - Do It Cheaply

- put yourself in the readers/customers shoes, how much do they want to know and need to know about what you're writing about or selling ... ie. don't put too much information into one article, not everything has to be a 1000 word essay about why your item is the best

- encourage them to come back, write a series of tips etc ... return visitors will bring you loyalty, establish you as an expert and make you sales

- last but not least, if you feel you are struggling consider hiring a professional copywriter to tweak and edit your work

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