Article Marketing: Reprint vs. PLR

How to Re-write PLR Articles in 10 Minutes

Often the perfect article can be found in an article directory, but these often come with stipulations that the resource box and affiliate links must remain intact. Is it worth it to use reprint articles or is brandable private label rights (PLR) content better? Here are a few points to consider before making a decision:

- reprints come with a bio box and must be printed as is with author name and crediting

- PLR comes ready to be adapted to your needs

- reprints are often link seekers so you need to be choosy about what you use on your site so you don't link to spam or junk fillers

- both can add value to your website when used properly and containing related content

- PLR can be edited, added to, shortened or lengthened for many different content purposes such as your newsletter, blog posts, and website pages

- reprint articles tend to be shorter than PLR articles

- both types of article save you time in content production and are easy to use

- you can add affiliate links to the page using both types of content, although PLR is more easily adapted to affiliate link sales

- PLR articles tend to be more detailed and professionally written

- you can adjust PLR for specific keyword content on your site, where with a reprint you are hitting the keywords of the author

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Stefani said...

PLR is very helpful! I use both reprint and PLR content.