Were You Google Slapped?

Last month I decided to invest in a service to get my articles more exposure so of course Google decided that having 300 copies of the same article all over the Internet was not valuable content. Bye bye backlinks. One of my sites that I had written a ton of articles for dropped 2 points in page rank. How come the gurus didn't see that coming?

Article marketing never seemed to bring me much traffic anyway. I had one article on EzineArticles that was read almost a thousand times. Did I have a thousand backlinks? Hell no. Anywho, the future of article marketing is cloudy.

I decided to cast my lot with a new company--Niche Content Packages. They solve two problems for me. I can buy great content and sell articles as well. Since they're new, the article packages aren't all over the place. It's FRESH, interesting content. As a writer, I've already made money--more than I've made with all the articles I've submitted to various directories. I set the price of my article and keep 70%. In my first submission, I set the price of a 600 word article at $40. When it sold, I made $28. How much did you get paid for submitting your last article?

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