Outsource Your Life

I don't sell any products of my own, but this video struck a cord with me. Now I know why. I'm in the middle of reading the Four Hour Work Week and all I can say is, WOW. It's one of those books that change the way you think about things and opens your mind up to possibilities you hadn't even thought about.

I'm not into gurus and such. I think the real money being made is by people selling stuff to other people who are trying to make money online, and they're not sharing those tips. Anyway, back to the book. Basically, the premise is that you don't have to put off your life by working for 40 years and hoping to become a millionaire. If you free your time, you can live like a millionaire on 40K a year.

The author gives case studies and resources. Any dream you have can be accomplished through outsourcing because your dollar goes further in places like--well pretty much anywhere except the US. Any product you can imagine can be created through outsourcing. You don't have to rent office space, hire employees, pay for healthcare, etc. You may not be able to put the best on your payroll permanently, but you can afford to hire them for a one time job.

One caveat, I bought my copy through an iTunes download. Don't do that. The file won't play on your iPod just on the computer which is really inconvenient. Just go ahead and buy the book.

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