Types of Affiliate Websites

If you're planning to create an affiliate based website, you might be confused about the best type to create. Which one works best? Which one is easiest? These are some of the numerous questions most new affiliate marketers have. So let's look at some of the most popular ways to create affiliate websites.

1. One page sales letter, or presell. This is fairly easy to create, but it helps if you've actually bought the product you tend to promote. By creating just one single page for your website, you keep visitors focused on taking just one action: Buying this product. The purpose of a one page site is to be sure your visitor doesn't get distracted with other ads or content. You want them to buy what you're promoting.

This type of site usually has a detailed product review, or a "pre sell". In general a presell is much like a detailed review. It tends to be 1000 words or longer, and it explains what you like and don't like about a given product. This kind of affiliate marketing site works very well, but it doesn't get much in the way of organic search engine traffic so most affiliates use pay per click advertising or article marketirng to send traffic to it.

2. One page multi product site. This is similar to the above, but the main difference is you're comparing multiple products. Generally you should have three to five products on the page, though some marketers do well comparing as many as ten. I prefer to keep each page at just three products, because it helps to not overwhelm your visitors.

With this type of affiliate site, you want to create brief product reviews and recommendations. You also want to compare similar products, so the visitor is not pulled into too many directions at once. You also don't want them to be distracted by other, non related elements, so you wouldn't put article content or misc ads on the site. Just put three to ten products with affiliate links for each.

3. A shopping style ecommerce site. Many new affiliates don't know you can do this, but it's actually fairly easy to create a full fledged ecommerce style shopping site with affiliate products. Some sites have just 10 or 20 products on them, but some have 10,000 or more. These types of sites are usually created using an affiliate datafeed and specialized software.

4. An informational, publication style website. This type of site usually tends to become quite large, and it's filled with information. Commonly you'll see sites built with articles on specific topics, and the whole purpose of creating these types of sites is to help bring in natural organic search engine traffic, and get links from other websites that will send traffic.

These types of sites tend to run pay per click advertising more often than not, but many also promote affiliate programs too. By drawing in targeted traffic to the articles, reports and related content, the webmaster is getting visitors on specific topics. They then either recommend certain online merchants and stores, or they list those merchants and stores as related links. With either format, the links are of course affiliate links. So if visitors come to the site to get information on a certain topic, and they want to buy something related to that topic, they're likely to click on one of your affiliate links. If they buy from that merchant of course, then you earn affiliate commissions.

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